US-CERT Recommends TrendMicro Threat Detector

for GoZeuS Botnet Clean-up

FBI & Int'l Cyber Cops Attack GOZeuS Botnet: Urge Immediate Action to Clean/Repair Infected Systems

Digital police from the U.S., Britain and EU, teamed up to take over the Gameover ZeuS botnet (GOZeuS) which has infected windows systems around the world. Financial and other protected information is stolen from infected systems and they are also rented out to hackers for use in online extortion and other illegal cybercrimes. In addition to yielding more than $100 million in account takeovers, one of the most popular GoZeus "renters" is CryptoLocker which encrypts your hard drive and withholds the key unless you pay the ransom within 72 hours. Police estimate CryptoLocker earned cyber thieves over $27M in ransom payments in its first two months.

The urgent repair warning, issued by UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) was made to encourage users to disinfect their machines before the criminals have time to set up new Command and Control Servers.

US-CERT recommends TrendMicro Threat Detector among a handful of solutions to remediate GoZeus infections. For information or assistance in implementing this solution, please fill in the form at the right.



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