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Case Study: 4A Security Helps American Retailer Fashion a Stronger Security Program

The IT team at a global luxury fashion brand is serious about cyber security and protecting consumer data. So when the board of directors suggested bringing in an outside expert to do a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security assessment, they were ready and willing to get a new perspective on their privacy and security efforts. The company hired 4A Security and Compliance to conduct the assessment. The result: the fashion brand was doing a great job with IT security, but the assessment provided a needed focus on non-IT processes, and it showed areas to make the company’s good security even better.

Case Study: 4A Security Helps Breached Medical Practice Make a Solid Recovery

Case Study

Family Medical Center faced the scenario every mid-size business dreads: a cyber attacker breached their systems and exposed their patients protected health information (PHI). With the help of 4A, the practice has become as skilled at HIPAA compliance and protecting their IT systems and patients’ information as they are at treating sick patients and keeping families healthy.