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Vulnerabilities in the Health Care Environment:
Where are the Holes and How Can You Find Them?

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Join us for a conversation between Anahi Santiago, CISO Christiana Care, the largest health care system in Delaware, and Ben Goodman, a health care security expert and CEO of 4A Security & Compliance, as they talk about current, real-world threats facing health care organizations, how to find them, and prevent them from turning into breaches or debilitating attacks.

The Challenge
IT is ubiquitous in health care today, playing a critical role in every aspect from the operating room to the patient's home, the lab to the back office. Keeping systems secure across this sprawling technological landscape is a daunting challenge as threats are ranged everywhere against them. The challenge health care organizations face is how to stay far enough ahead to maintain security and prevent successful attacks, while balancing quality of care, usability and other priorities not to mention budgetary constraints.
The Solution
Sorry, if you're looking for silver bullets you won't find any here. However, we will review techniques for dealing with some of the latest threats and tactics we've found to be successful.
- Cyber Threat Update
- Overlooked and Hard-to-find Vulnerabilities
     - Clinical
     - Mobile Devices
     - Wearables & IoT
     - Cloud
     - Out-of-sight, Out-of-scope?
- Q&A
Learning Outcomes
Listen to this webinar to learn about current, real world threats facing health care organizations including CEs and BAs of all sizes.
Tune in to find answers to these questions:
•   What are the threats currently targeting health care organizations?
•   What are the most effective means of detecting them in your environment?
•   What are the best techniques for mitigating these risks and managing the trade-offs?
•   What are some tactics for dealing with these risks, given real-world constraints?

Vulnerabilities in the Health Care Environment - Where are the Holes and How Can You Find Them?

Date:   Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Time:  1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Webinar Program: 

Anahi Santiago, is the Chief Information Security Officer at Christiana Care Health System, the largest healthcare provider in the state of Delaware. Prior CCHS, she spent 10 years as the Information Security and Privacy Officer at Einstein Healthcare Network where she had overall responsibility for the organization's information security and privacy program. Santiago leads a team of information security professionals in supporting CCHS's strategic initiatives by managing risks, implementing policies and controls and generating overall awareness.

Anahi Santiago holds a B.S. in electrical and computer engineering as well as an executive MBA from Drexel University.

Ben Goodman is the founder and CEO of 4A Security and Compliance, a firm that helps clients strengthen their information security while managing cyber risk and meeting compliance requirements. With more than 25 years of experience in information technology, technology strategy and risk management, Mr. Goodman is dedicated to strengthening the cyber defenses and resiliency of U.S. organizations, institutions and critical infrastructure. He is a member of the faculty at Drexel University, LeBow School of Business, where the 4A Healthcare Data Security & Privacy Symposium is hosted. Mr. Goodman is also a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute, a member the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Cyber Risk Task Force and the Pace University Seidenberg School of CSIS, Cybersecurity Advisory Board. 4A Security and Compliance specializes in health care data security and privacy, and conducts HIPAA information security and privacy risk assessments. 4A also helps organizations prepare for  security incidents and data breaches and provides breach response services for organizations who have experienced a breach.

Ben is the author of the award winning paper "The Cyber Risk Ecosystem," and is the recipient of ISACA's CRISC Worldwide Achievement Award.