Policies & Procedures Development for

Compliance & Information Security

Your policies and procedures (P&Ps) are the foundation for your information security and privacy compliance programs. Whether you must comply with the requirements of HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, SOX, GLBA, the FTC or FDA, or other state, federal or international regulations, 4A Security’s experienced professionals will work with you to develop customized policies and procedures that meet your specific requirements.

4A Security’s Risk-based Framework for Policies & Procedures Development

4A Security begins the policy and procedure development process with a risk assessment which includes a review of the risks to your assets, along with the identification and analysis of the threats to those assets and your organizational vulnerabilities. Existing Policies and Procedures are then reviewed for relevancy, completeness and compliance with current security and regulatory requirements. Your existing P&Ps can then be updated in preparation for implementation of the latest security and compliance requirements. An essential outcome of this process is that adequate controls are implemented to address the threats and vulnerabilities identified during the risk assessment process.

Reduce Compliance Risk with 4A Security’s Document Management Infrastructure

4A Security implements a collaborative document management environment at the start of the document development process which automates the review, revision and approval process. This system allows for ready access to the relevant documents in the event of an audit. In addition, 4A Security incorporates your P&Ps into customized, role-based training so all your employees may be quickly trained with new standards and guidelines.

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