In addition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), pharmaceutical companies around the world are faced with numerous regulations from national, international and industry regulatory authorities. In addition to the ever-present challenges of meeting strict quality and safety standards, compliance breaches of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Anti-bribery Act as well as other anti-corruption laws have made headline news as companies are hit with multi-billion dollar fines.

Many corporations also face the typical challenges of meeting regulatory compliance requirements across a range of business functions including Quality, IT Risk and Compliance, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Finance, Tax, Procurement, HR, Security, as well as Environment, Health, and Safety. Integrating all of these functions within a single framework is challenging for any organization.

Your Compliance Requirements Have Never Been More Complex, Or More Urgent

4A’s solution typically begins with a thorough review of the “Current State” by documenting assets, processes workflows and controls, establishing a baseline for the organization and a starting point for a Risk Assessment. Following the Risk Assessment, senior management can make sound business decisions to set organization-wide control objectives that can then flow down through subsidiaries, business units and departments. 4A’s enterprise systems architects can help design and implement the infrastructure that allows for streamlined management of business processes, process- and entity-level control implementation, remediation and reporting for compliance assessments.

Real-time Situational Visibility: Enterprise-wide Compliance & Controls

4A Security & Compliance enables companies to streamline the management, implementation, testing and reporting on compliance and control activity across the organization. Rather than multiple siloed systems generating reports that are then imported into PowerPoint presentations, our integrated platform provides a real-time view of compliance risk and remediation activity with instant reporting and collaborative communication capability directly from within the dashboard.

The result? Senior management gets a strategic perspective and can make, quick informed decisions based on current data. This translates into an efficient, systematic compliance program with tangible results that will rapidly reduce high priority risks.

Need help achieving compliance across the globe?

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