Mobile and Cloud Security

Cloud and mobile are transforming organizations across every sector, creating significant new risk exposures for the enterprise with new breaches reported on a daily basis. Cloud and mobile require a different approach to security and compliance and our cloud governance, security, risk and compliance services will help you move to the cloud securely or improve your cloud security without losing the benefits. When security and compliance have a seat at the table of cloud and mobile transition, design and development planning discussions, the exposure to security breaches due to design flaws and inconsistent security management can be mitigated. The challenges of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and shadow IT have also grown exponentially, and in environments such as healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical and other high risk industries, managing these from design and policy through development, implementation and enforcement is so critical.

Microservices and Containerization Create New Security Challenges

Your cloud infrastructure provider may take care of physical security, but the shared responsibility model still leaves the majority of the risk in your hands. DevOps and new deployment architectures such as microservices and containerization present new security challenges for IT organizations, as very few resources with expertise in these areas also understand security and compliance.  4A works with clients as they design and develop new cloud and mobile applications and deployment strategies to ensure that their environment is secure and compliant from the beginning, and continues to remain compliant with every new instance.

4A Works With You to Develop A Cloud Security Strategy

Our cloud security team works with clients to make smart investments when confronted with the many choices in selecting among platforms, tools, and security controls. We help our clients make informed decisions concerning design and integration into the system architecture, development and deployment processes. 4A performs specialized security reviews and compliance audits as well as vulnerability and penetration testing for cloud and mobile applications. 4A will work with your team to develop a strategy to continuously monitor code, configurations, infrastructure, and mitigate vulnerabilities. Our approach for cloud and mobile security helps organizations effectively manage and deploy secure cloud and mobile applications across platforms and environments.

4A Security Mobile and Cloud Security Services

  • Strategic cloud assessment
  • Cloud governance, risk and compliance consulting
  • Cloud policies and procedures
  • Cloud compliance
  • Cloud audit and compliance
  • Cloud security architecture
  • Cloud vulnerability assessment
  • Cloud penetration testing
  • Cloud software development lifecycle security analysis

What is Your Cloud and Mobile Security Compliance Risk?

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