Ask yourself this question: “What if we have already been breached?”

If you’ve had a look at your logs lately, you know that you’ve already been under attack… 

every minute…  every day…

At 4A Security, we monitor the threat landscape as it continuously changes.  Protecting the security and privacy of your valuable data assets and critical IT infrastructure requires a sophisticated, systematic, multi-layered defense. In addition to the technical, administrative and people/process controls, your overall security and privacy strategy should also be well integrated with a proactive risk management strategy. So if you’ve already been breached, can you answer these questions?

  • Do you know what your most valuable data is?
  • Where it is located?
  • Would you know if someone stole it?
  • How would you respond?
  • What is your risk?
  • How much risk do you own and how much have you transferred?

By working from the assumption of breach, 4A Security helps clients focus on protecting their most strategic assets. This also streamlines the process so the most critical information security and privacy objectives are accomplished first. Some of 4A Security’s specific Information Security & Privacy service offerings are listed below: