Complimentary HIPAA Educational Series

Rethinking Privacy & Data Security for HIPAA Compliance

Learn How to Make Your Organization HIPAA Compliant:

You are probably very familiar with the headache and resource drain of audits and documentation. The Department of Health & Human Services has started new HIPAA Audits and all Covered Entities, Business Associates, Health Plans and Health Care Clearinghouses must now comply with the new Rule. Attend one or more of the Complimentary 4A Security HIPAA Educational Webinar Series to educate your staff.

Learn How To:

  • Conduct a HIPAA Compliant Risk Assessment (this is the focus of OCR's current Audits)
  • Implement HIPAA-compliant Policies & Procedures that meet new requirements;
  • Ensure that your healthcare Business Associates do not put your program in jeopardy;
  • Avoid a breach that could result in significant fines and penalties, and damage your reputation;
  • Prepare a viable and realistic Incident Response Plan and make sure it is readily available when and if you need it;
  • Identify the real risks to your program and what you can do to manage and Mitigate Risks; and
  • Simplify your program’s security and compliance through Automation and Security Management.

Who Should Attend these Educational Webinars:

  • Organizational Leadership & C-Level Executives
  • Operational, Compliance, Financial, Risk, Privacy, Security & IT
  • Program/Organization Owners
  • Practitioners, Managers and Administrators
  • Program Office Managers
  • Program and Agency IT Administrators
  • Program and Agency HIPAA Privacy/Security Managers

These Webinars will demonstrate how to keep patient data safe, become compliant and stay compliant, continuously, without draining your own resources.



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