HIPAA Compliance

Credit card accounts can be cancelled and new ones opened in minutes.
Your medical record lasts your whole life.
That’s valuable to identity thieves.

As more and more medical records go online every day, health data is being distributed on more information systems and available to more portable devices than ever before. While EHR systems are helping to improve patient care outcomes, medical identity thieves and computer hackers have been taking advantage of vulnerabilities. To make matters worse, business associates are involved with the majority of breached PHI records. The Department of Health & Human Services Office of Civil Rights is required to investigate all breaches of PHI and that means they will ask about your HIPAA Compliance.

Q: What does this mean for me?
A: Your risk of a data breach is increasing and so are the potential costs.

OCR has gotten serious about HIPAA enforcement with more resolution agreements issued and “resolution payments” collected in 2016, than in all the prior seven years combined. OCR’s latest round of audits is also still ongoing. The challenge is how to properly protect patient privacy and secure Protected Health Information (PHI) so you can minimize your risk of breaches and regulatory fines.

Need HIPAA Training or other help achieving HIPAA compliance?

Whether you just need to fill in a few gaps in your security controls or you need a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program, 4A Security & Compliance offers a comprehensive program that can be tailored to meet your particular requirements. The selection of solutions described below is cross-referenced to specific HIPAA Security Guidelines. These represent only a small subset of the full suite of controls 4A Security & Compliance can help you implement. For more information on our complete Security Offerings, please contact us here and one of our  service representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 Manage Your Security and Compliance Investment Wisely.

Securing PHI and becoming compliant is of paramount importance, but it does not make sense to spend more on security and compliance than you have to. That’s why 4A Security & Compliance views all security and privacy programs through the lens of Risk Management, employing a risk-based methodology to design a solution that meets your particular compliance requirements and fits your organization’s size, budget and resources. Our approach is thorough and cost-effective.

Your People Already Have Full-time Jobs. We Won’t Waste Their Time.

4A Security & Compliance understands that you are not in business to do compliance and information security. We work with your key resources to set the agenda, establish priorities and make critical decisions. Using our automated security tools and compliance management infrastructure, we minimize the time they need to spend completing the project. We deliver tangible results quickly and we minimize the drain on your critical resources as much as possible.

We Stay On Top of the Details and Keep You Updated

Compliance requirements are frequently in flux. New guidance is issued on an ongoing bases. The HIPAA compliance requirements have significantly impacted the way information security and compliance risk are handled with regard to Business Associates and their sub-contractors and consultants. Our experts stay on top of all the details and keep you informed, allowing you to focus on your business, clients, patients and customers and still make informed decisions.

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