Security & Compliance Education

Training Your People is One of Your Most Effective Lines of Defense

When you hear the statement “employees are the weakest link in your security chain” that’s a good indication that organization hasn’t effectively trained their people. In fact, regular training can prepare your workforce to become a critical part of your security sensory system, feeding suspected threats and attacks into your incident handling and management program. When trained, your workforce can recognize threats, reduce the success of social engineering, and respond effectively to security and privacy incidents if and when they do occur. 

Boards and C-Suites are Being Held Accountable and Must Make Informed Decisions

Today, Boards and the C-Suite must ensure their organizations are appropriately prepared across the enterprise. Officers,  directors and executive management are being held accountable, not just for protecting the organization’s assets, but for risk management decisions impacting legal and regulatory liability as well as. Understanding cyber threats and how to respond to them is a requirement for all executives and boards today. Training for Boards & C-Suite includes live on-site, live on-line and self-paced online learning options.

4A’s Training and Communications Help Build a Culture of Compliance

4A Security offers complete security and compliance awareness communications programs customized to reach every level of organization. From breach response tabletop exercises and threat scenario workshops to online security awareness and compliance training for employees, 4A’s training and communications programs are designed to help you mature your workforce security and compliance awareness program and mature your incident detection, reporting and management systems. 4A’s offerings also include simulated phishing and social engineering exercises, customized eLearning, as well as security planning, policy and procedures development and customized training. 4A Security works to help you build a culture of compliance that will reflect your corporate governance principals in an enduring, sustainable manner.

4A Training Services

  • Executive Incident Response Tabletop Exercise
  • IT Incident Response Tabletop Exercise
  • Threat Scenario Workshop
  • Security and Privacy Awareness Communications
  • Self-paced Security and Privacy eLearning Modules
  • Plans, Policies & Procedures Development
  • Incident Response Communications

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