Cyber security and compliance training is a proactive approach that complements and reinforces defensive measures.
A well-informed and well-trained workforce is the foundation of an effective risk management program. With the right instruction, people know what to look for and what to do in case of a potential incident. Frequent training increases awareness, enhances your security measures, minimizes risk and helps to prepare the people on the front lines to avert cyber crime. Research shows that effective training not only helps to prevent cyber crime but also minimizes damage if an incident does occur.
Insider threat is the number one risk to data security and privacy. And non-malicious insider threats outweigh malicious threats by just under 10 to 1. The most common causes of inappropriate disclosures by insiders? Improper training, no training, and accidents. The good news is that effective training and communication can significantly reduce this risk in a short period of time. Several studies have published statistics showing reductions in inappropriate disclosures and security incidents that range from of 50% – 80%  in less than 90 days. And this makes sense.
4A Security & Compliance delivers security and compliance training and documentation in technology, process, and policies and procedures for organizations of all sizes from global enterprises to small-and-mid-sized businesses. Our training can be customized to help you meet the challenges of your particular operational environment or work force. The format and mode of delivery may also be determined by your requirements, whether you need segmented e-learning, customized e-learning, formal classroom instruction, or more informal workshops or lunch-and-learns. 4A Security & Compliance also provides on-going communications, learning reinforcement and hands-on engagement, including phishing programs, tabletop exercises, executive and board-level briefings.

Security & Compliance Training

The attack vector of choice used in the majority of successful breaches is the employee. Spear Phishing and other social engineering tactics have frequently provided the "foot in the door" that allowed malware to establish a beachhead inside the targeted perimeter. In fact, the enterprise perimeter covers s only a small portion of our IT network and for a smaller and smaller percentage of time, given our highly mobile workforce and the proliferation of smartphones and portable devices.

Hardening our perimeter defense has gotten far more difficult as our attack surface has grown exponentially.

Solid employee training must be an essential component of your Information Security Strategy.

Getting every member of your workforce to practice good "security hygiene" is a critically important component of the overall defense strategy. 4A Security's Learning Management System can help you ensure that every member of your staff has completed the most current and appropriate training to meet their requirements.

Good employee training is essential to the success of any compliance program. This is true, not only from the standpoint of educating your employees about the regulatory requirements your business must comply with, but today, auditors actually review your training and attendance records. Federal legislation requires annual training for any workforce member who has access to patient data by the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).    Employers must also maintain documentation of successful completion of training for a minimum of six years to comply with HIPAA requirements.

The 4A Security & Compliance Learning Management System provides the documented proof you need to show that your organization has met its regulatory and compliance obligations.

•  Convenient eLearning portal for on-line training
•  Controls to skip back/forward or pause to finish when ready
•  Maintained records of successful completion
•  Customized training upon request
•  Quizzes to reinforce information
•  Scenarios to illustrate and review common issues
•  In person incident response table top exercises and face to face training at your location
•  Certificate upon successful completion