Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning, Implementation and Testing

For many of our clients on the east coast, their disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plans were put to the test during Hurricane Sandy. Most compliance regimes require not only DR & BC plans, but testing of those plans as well. The requirements extend beyond access to the physical plant, back-up power and internet access to the continued availability of key employees, information systems and the security of your IT infrastructure and data assets. 4A Security provides analysis, design, support and testing of several disaster recovery scenarios from affordable “pilot light” quick recovery and “warm standby” solutions to full, multi-site solutions with instant failover capabilities.

How will your business continue to operate and serve customers in the event of a disaster?

Whether you suffer an availability outage due to man-made causes or a natural disaster, being prepared with comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans will make all the difference when you are in the middle of a catastrophe. Not only will your DR and BC plans help you get your business back up-and-running after a disaster or breach; they are also critical elements required to demonstrate compliance by showing regulatory and compliance auditors that you have made a best effort to prepare, using best practices suited to your organization’s size, budget and capabilities.

4A Security can help you design, and develop suitable Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity policies, processes, and procedures, and just as importantly, test and implement them well in advance so that you can rest assured (and reassure your auditors) that your plans are in place and that they will work.

We Stay On Top of Every Detail So You Don’t Have To

Compliance requirements are frequently in flux, but operational requirements and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning must deliver consistent, reliable results, even under unusual circumstances. 4A Security designs Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions using state-of-the-art technology and platforms to ensure your backups are protected and restorable, and that alternative secure communications channels will be available when you need them. Our experts stay on top of all the details, allowing you to focus on your business, clients, and customers, and your bottom line.
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Need help achieving security and privacy compliance through Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity procedures?

Whether you just need to fill in a few gaps in your disaster recovery and business continuity plans, or you need a comprehensive managed security solution, 4A Security offers a comprehensive suite of security tools that can be tailored to meet your particular industry or multi-jurisdictional requirements. For more information on our complete Security Offerings, please contact us here and one of our technical Service Representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.