CEO, GDNS. Member of Board of Advisors                                   

4A-Board-Stephen Deerhake-400x400Stephen Deerhake did his undergraduate work in economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but he has spent his entire career in the IT industry.  Prior to his current position as CEO of GDNS, a country code top-level internet domain management company, Stephen has held positions as a CTO, IT Manager, systems and database designer and programmer. He has designed and implemented numerous systems, ranging from a tax liability modeling tool for TexasGulf, a Fortune 400 corporation, to a custom maintenance management system for a nuclear power plant run by the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District. Among the more well-known of Mr. Deerhake’s numerous clients are IBM, Oracle, and the Bank of America.

Mr. Deerhake has focused exclusively on the Internet from the mid 1990’s through today. He is an active participant in global internet governance affairs through a decades-long involvement in both ICANN (the “Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers,” the entity that manages the global internet) and APTLD (the “Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association”).  His current focus within ICANN includes security issues related to the Domain Name System (DNS) and top-level domain management, and policy development with respect to the delegation and re-delegation of top-level domains.  To this end, he busily engages himself in ongoing security briefings, and contributes regularly to the ICANN Committee tasked with reviewing and interpreting policies with respect to top-level domains.Major facets of his work have been presented at academic conferences and described in a number of papers which appeared in peer-reviewed publications, most notably in various APL Conference proceedings produced by the SIGAPL group within the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

Mr. Deerhake lives in Frenchtown, New Jersey with his daughter and travels around the world on behalf of his company, GDNS, as well as ICANN, and APTLD.